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Sewage Cleanup Valley Stream

When you are faced with sewage backup, it can be damaging to your floors and your health, so it needs to be taken seriously. Modernistic is here to help with any sewage cleanup and sanitizing in Service that will get your floors and all other surfaces safe, clean, and dry. Modernistic has been serving residents throughout Service since Years, and always strives to give only the best services in our industry to our valued customers. We have the equipment that will get the job done as soon as possible so you can stop worrying. We know that sewage backups can happen unexpectedly, so as soon as damage does strike, you can call our customer care specialists who will help you with the situation and arrange for our IICRC-certified flood technicians to begin fixing the problem as soon as they possibly can. We make sure to remove all backup and provide sewage cleanup and sanitizing to make your Service home or workplace safe and free of harmful toxins. Give us a call when you need sewage cleanup and sanitizing!


Sanitizing After Cleaning Sewage is Extremely Important


Modernistic is prepared to provide emergency services to get your home or professional area safe and dry again with sewage cleanup and sanitizing. Sewage backup creates an unsafe and harmful environment to be in, so it is important that it is cleaned up as soon as possible. Modernistic is here to make sure that happens. We use the best tools to clean the area and remove all toxins and clean and restore infected areas. We disinfect the area so it is as safe and clean as possible, and we also deodorize the area to provide a fresh and more welcoming scent for your home. Modernistic gets your residence or workplace in Service cleaned up fast so you don’t have to worry about what to do next. Let us help you the next time you need sewage cleanup and sanitizing.


Choose Modernistic for Sewage Cleanup and Sanitizing


Modernistic has been providing water restoration services to customers in Service since Years, and our experts help with all sewage cleanup and sanitizing needs. We work hard and efficiently to provide only the best services and perform professional, high-quality sewage cleanup and sanitizing that gets your home or workplace safe and dry, fast. A sewage backup can happen without warning, which is why Modernistic is prepared to help you get help as soon as a disaster strikes. Our IICRC-certified flood care specialists will work diligently to make your home or professional area look as close to its pre-damage condition as possible. Let us help you – call the Modernistic location closest to you today for sewage cleanup and sanitizing in Service


When you originally got into Sewage Cleanup restoration, you knew that you’d be getting your hands dirty; along with your arms, legs, face and the rest of your body. But you may not have considered that it could get worse – if you decided to add sewage cleanup to your list of services.


“Sucking sewage” may not be the most glamorous of occupations, but it can certainly be profitable. But you don’t want to just jump into it (because that would be nasty) without being prepared. So the following are a few points to consider:


See No Evil – Considering the material you’re dealing with, your first objective is to prevent the risk of cross contamination into those areas not originally affected. So build containment that totally encloses the befouled area. Also be sure to lay down floor protection outside the containment area and don’t stray from it as you pass in and out of the building.


Remember that commercial clients are going to be a little more sensitive to these messes than homeowners are. After all, there’s nothing quite like the site of raw sewage to send customers running. So be sure to use opaque sheeting when building the containment area. Some heavy-duty deodorizer may also be needed until the feculence is no more.


Touch No Evil – there’s a laundry list of dangerous health hazards associated with coming into contact with fecal matter. It’s critical that it’s kept from coming into contact with your skin; especially cuts, sores and any mucus membrane associated with the eyes, ears and nose. That means covering up completely! Suit, full face respirator, hood, gloves, rubber boots, duct tape, etc. Also keep readily available a full stock of respirator wipes and sanitizer wipes, as well as access to an eye wash station and a change of clothes.


Be apprised that OSHA’s Blood-borne Pathogens Standard (29 CFR 1910.1030) requires such workers receive regular training including, but not limited to: information on blood-borne pathogens and diseases, ways to control occupational exposure, hepatitis B vaccinations, and medical evaluations.


Keep No Evil – The IICRC S500 Standard states that all contaminated porous items need to be disposed of. Semi porous objects can be individually evaluated and anything non-porous can be cleaned and sanitized.


But if the sewer is clogged, what do you do with the sewage you’ve cleaned up? Check with local health departments about rules for bagging and disposal of solid sewage waste and have available portable waste tanks.


Even if you’re physically prepared to take on this kind of work, are you mentally ready for it? It’s definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. Some folks, once exposed to sewage clean up, have been known to ralph right into their full-face respirator. So make sure you carefully handpick the crews you’ll be delegating these jobs to.


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What our client say about us

Clara James

This company was terrific. They paid attention to details and addressed all of my concerns. They arrived on time and we reviewed the contract information together to make sure we were on the same page. They were neat, courteous ad reasonably priced. I have a business and several properties so I will use them for all of my cleaning needs.

James T

Our basement flooded due to a flood so we had them come out and remove the paneling and dry the basement out. This company did an excellent job getting all the water out and sanitizing the basement. This was a big concern of ours since our kids rooms are down there. Awesome company!!